Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where did you bathe this morning?

I have to honestly say that when I watched this video it didn't tug at my heartstrings. It figuratively ripped them to shreds, stomped on them, and then threw them into the abyss of human pain and misery. Please watch this video! For the sake of your children you need to watch this video. I am not playing the emotional card here, I'm simply telling you that this video will change the way you see your children, and hopefully the way you see other children and your call to love, serve, give, and go. I pray that this video will undo you the way it did me. If it does, then don't just weep and say how sad this is. Do something about it! You can connect with the ministry that's serving these kids and help them help others. You can go and serve, and easiest of all, you can pray. Please do as many of those options as you humanly can. Sam and Esther and many others like them are counting on your brokeness to help them live.


Thea said...

I can't stop sobbing...all I can think about is how easily that could be me and or my girls. Their little cries are deafening. I hope that everyone who watches this will do more than feel sad or sorry. Tears are worthless without action. I'm angry that I cannot go today to meet their practical needs and I'm angry that any child could be neglected like this and yet I know there are so many more just like can bet I'll be looking at every avenue possible.

Thea said...

I'm kind of disappointed at the silence on this topic...I know lots is happening in your world and with the people around you.