Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's love got to do with it? Everything!

I know many of you watched the youtube video of Sam and Esther which I posted a few days back (incase you missed it watch it here before you watch this one), and I know that it impacted many of you in much the same way it did me. Many of you didn't leave direct comments on the blog but left comments on facebook, while others of you actually called me on the phone or e-mailed me directly (I do wish all the comments were left on the blog so that others could read all the incredible thoughts that so many of you shared with me in private). A few days have now gone by since that post and you've had lots of time to digest it, so the question is: do you still feel the same way or have the emotions settled and the need to make a difference faded?

However you answered that question let me tell you that every little bit will make a difference in the lives of countless, faceless people whom you may never directly encounter this side of heaven, but whose testimonies will hinge directly on the fact that you were willing to do something besides pray. This video is a follow-up story to the original Sam and Esther saga. It has an incredibly inspiring ending and it's proof that there are people out there in our world who will do the right thing once they are made aware of a pressing need that borders on life and death. Please. please be one of such people. I ask you again to give, go, love, serve, pray... shall I go on?


Thea said...

Thanks for posting this - I found it online searching for ministries, missionaries, programs, etc. that directly work with people in need like these little ones.

Also thanks for mentioning the phone calls and emails...I was dumbfounded at the silence on your blog and am glad to know it was just shared elsewhere! :)

Hope R. Clark said...

I haven't stopped thinking about Sam, Esther, and Jane since watching the first video. It wrecked me. Thanks so much for posting the update.