Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran Contra...ry!!!

Hortatory and incendiary speeches are the hallmark of the theocratic regimes that have ruled supreme over some of the nations of the Middle East, brainwashing the people with fictitious and imaginative stories of the “Great Satan” that’s poised to color the world American. But people are not cattle. They will not be herded into a pen of brainless obeisance simply because an angry dictator presumes to do so. The recent elections (and I use the word lightly) in Iran are proof positive of this fact. In a bid to remain in collective power Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei overstepped their mandate and counted more votes than actual people who voted. This naturally led to dissenting voices taking to the streets in protest. According to the Ayatollah though, the election of Ahmadinejad was a “divine assessment.” People like the Ayatollah have been known to issue fatwas (“divine” death sentences) for less heretical claims. Clearly the people of Iran are tired of this repressive government that rules by force and fear as opposed to the rule of law.

“Supreme Leader” Khamenei, in his continuing display of regrettable stupidity declared that the USA, Israel, and especially Britain were behind the street protests that have roiled Tehran. Why doesn’t he just come out and call the Iranian people idiots and brainless twits? I mean, seriously?! He really believes that the people of Iran don’t know what they want? He’s actually convinced himself that these three nations are powerful enough to incite the people of Iran to sacrifice their lives protesting on the streets of Tehran for no reason other than the fact that the US, Israel and Britain suggested it? If that were true what does it say to him about his people, and more specifically about the way his ‘small’ mind processes big ideas. The people of Iran have spoken. They don’t want Ahmadinejad or his repressive policies that threaten to stamp out every vestige of independent thinking that they have.

The people have spoken, and their collective voice reverberates from the streets of Tehran stained with the blood of the innocent that cry out, albeit in the most taciturn of ways, for freedom. Freedom can often be somewhat of a nebulous concept because often those who have it take it for granted and complain about all the things they can’t do. Others, by reason of their freedom make choices that lead them right back into bondage to something other than the chains of political oppression. Then there are those who are willing to die for it knowing that they will never benefit from the spoils of their war against tyranny and oppression. For the people of Iran, this is a mountain worth dying on. So today, if you’re a Christ-follower, then the least we can do as a demonstration of solidarity for true freedom is to pray for the precious people of Iran! Won’t you join me?


Thea said...

Consider yourself joined - it's the least we can do.

Ash said...

of course. what they are doing, enduring and pursuing is incredible.