Friday, March 20, 2009

Frivolous Friday!

As you'll know if you've followed my Frivolous Friday posts for any length of time, I enjoy a good laugh at Japan's expense, as some of the funniest signs come out of there. However, I've just discovered the joys of China and so, while I'm sticking with the Far-East theme, I'm crossing borders today, so sit back and enjoy these for your weekend relaxation. When the Chinese say "no louding" they mean it, so I suggest you pay attention, stop louding, and begin 'quieting.'

This beautiful, sacred, Buddhist temple is expected to stand for the rest of time, so we don't want you to even go near it. Whatever you thought you could do at this temple, including looking at it, even if it's not included on the sign as one of the things not to do, don't do it! Don't litter up! We're very particular about that. How else do you think we've preserved the pristine beauty of our botanical gardens? However, 'littering down' is certainly an option that's available to you and is entirely your prerogative.
This sign has absolutely 'sod-all' (that's a 'classy' English expression for 'nothing') to do with China and Chinese signs. In fact more than anything it might be Scottish! How so, you ask? Well the only person I know who says "Shcool" is the great Sean Connery, who is himself, a Scotsman. So, this may well be a "shcool" crossing being painted on in his honor (otherwise these sign painters need to go back to "shcool.") Any way, enough of all that nonshenshe! Now, make sure you have a shplendid day, and a shuper weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

You are too funny. Sometimes I think your comments are funnier than the pictures.

Joseph said...

Hope, you're too kind. Sometimes the pictures themselves fan the flames of creative writing. :)