Friday, March 13, 2009

Frivolous Friday!

I decided that in view of all the bad news lately, and the various news stories about the Madoff's of the world who are hell bent on breaking the law, I would make today's Frivolous Friday a tribute to cops. Hope you enjoy these snapshots of a tedious day in the life of a police officer.
I personally think donuts should be banned from the diet of police officers. Having said that, I applaud these safety conscious officers for at least leaving the lights on to ward off troublesome, and inquisitive passers by while they take a nap, just in case someone gets the foolish idea of taking a photograph of them thinking they were sleeping.I've read about the budget cuts in many PD's across the nation but I seriously didn't realize how bad it had gotten. I think we might have to take up a special collection this Sunday for our local PD to ensre that they aren't saddled with the difficult and near impossible task of having to chase down criminals on their new 'scooters,'What's even more amazing about this photo is the fact that the guy was simply trying to follow the traffic cops (officer Hugo) directions . I guess parking can be somewhat hazardous when you're any where above ground level.This photo has absolutely nothing to do with cops whatsoever, I however thought it was worth showing you as the resemblance is remarkable. I wonder if they're related?! Have an absolutely frivolous weekend.


Patrick Voo said...

you're absolutely hilarious!