Friday, March 27, 2009

Flivorous Fliday... Engrish ressons!!!

Well Fliday... I mean Friday, sure came around rather quickly this week. It seems like just yesterday that we were 'hanging out' in China together. Well we're back there again this week with some hilarious signs courtesy of I now proudly present for your viewing pleasure... Flivorous Fliday!!! I certainly don't mean to offend your delicate sensibilities, but I thought it wise to prepare you for your impending trip to China. I didn't want you to be blindsided by their 'in-your-face' honesty and choice of language. Since the WC is free of washing, you need to be sure and leave off after...

One thing's for sure, the Chinese will never be accused of caring about political correctness! Hey I guess we should be grateful that they even remembered to give some consideration to the "deformed." No doubt, Quasimodo would really enjoy a visit to China. There is something else you should know before you purchase your flight ticket to China. While Communism is no longer the order of the day, and we are increasingly influenced by Democracy and the Western lifestyle, we want to make sure that we preserve some of the legacy handed down by 'Maoism.' With that in mind, we want to remind you that while in China, "Having fun is prohibited." Have a frivolously fantastic weekend!


Hope said...

"Having fun prohibited" I think we used to have that sign posted in the family home when I was a child. :) We had to be happy but do it quietly and out of sight.
Politically correct is ALL important in Canada - while I think the handicap sign is - well - you know - it seems that every year there are newer and more acceptable words for everything you can think of under the sun. The problem is that they should publish them somewhere so we can all keep up with the times. :)