Monday, March 30, 2009

Chief Architect and Master Builder!

Lately in church, we've been talking a lot about Seasons of Silence. Those seasons when God's voice is undiscernable and the resulting silence is deafening. Yesterday, I stated that while there are definetely seasons of silence in our lives, God is always actively at work to bring about His purpose. You see, He determines when a season begins and when it ends, because He alone is the Chief Architect and the Master Builder (I thought it would be a good idea for me to illustrate that in the message yesterday, complete with blueprints, hard-hat, and all). Read what the Bible has to say about this in Daniel 2: 20 - 22:

..."Blessed be the name of God, forever and ever. He knows all, does all:

He changes the seasons and guides history. He raises up kings and also brings them down, He provides both intelligence and discernment, He opens up the depths, tells secrets, sees in the dark - light spills out of Him!..." (The Message)

Jesus was patently aware of God's control over the "times and seasons" of life. In John 2: 4 He declared, "My time has not yet come..." But in John 17: 1 He boldly and confidently prays, "Father, the time has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you." It is pointless to waste our lives in feckless pursuit of satisfaction, when that satisfaction can only be found in the center of God's will. It would be like a construction crew trying to construct a building without the blueprints. It would undoubtedly be an exercise in futility. In the silent seasons, God is still actively working out His purpose, and if we have the slightest velleity to give up before the Chief Architect and Master Builder has completed His work in us, then we would be like a partially completed edifice that serves no real useful purpose.


Ash said...

i think about a puzzle - it's 1000 pieces, and it takes time and patience to put that thing together.- we're in puzzle pieces. God has the box in front of Him and knows the end result and little by little he adds another piece to make the beautiful artwork. the puzzle can't see it's own progress, just the creator.

a wise person i know said, "change comes hard, change comes slow, but change DOES come." cool.