Saturday, February 14, 2009

Frivolous Friday! (on Saturday)

Hey, I can't help it if more newsworthy stories show up on Friday can I? Any way here's your dose of weekend humor to ensure that you keep a smile on your face through Monday!You might think we don't know what we're doing posting a handicap accessible sign here, but in reality these are new, space age steps. When you arrive at the bottom, yell at the top of your voice, dance a jig, twirl around five times and then throw a tantrum and the steps will immediately transform into a handicap accessible ramp! Hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.I cannot tell a lie, but this bothers me on multiple levels. Since when did standing and relieving myself become illegal? Is that guy praying or barfing into the bowl? Why on earth would I want to balance on the rim of the toilet when I can sit on the seat? Fishing???? No, seriously... fishing??? What are you fishing for? Don't even get me started on the last one, I'll just let you figure it out yourself.
I suggest that you make sure that you bring along company you like. Let me see, at 50 miles an hour, over 416 miles, it'll take you... Oh, about 31 days or 10 speeding tickets. Take your pick! Have a great weekend.