Friday, February 20, 2009

Frivolous Friday!

Woo hoo, I'm actually posting Frivolous Friday on a Friday for a change! I really appreciate all of you who send me encouraging notes about my frivolous friday posts. You see, I work really hard to find suitable photos that I think say everything I want to say after a rather exasperating week. ;) Here are a few more 'favorites' that make you scratch your head and go "Huh?"

It's the twilight zone. You can't go forward, you can't go backwards, you can't go sideways, you can't go... What the heck possessed you to drive into this??? Death is imminent unless you have a car full of food until the pizza delivery guy shows up. (I wonder what happens once he gets stuck too? Hmmmm... I think I smell a business plan for rescuing people from the twilight zone!)

Speaking about death being imminent, how's this for a warning road sign to put the fear of God into you?! I bet this is a major deterent to speed in this neigborhood. I wonder how they do it? Do you think they use a sniper, or just put down nail strips that deflate all your tyres while your hurtling down the icy road?

Remember me speaking about experiments in translation recently? Well here's a perfect example. While this may be the most successful restaurant in Vietnam or Korea (or wherever the heck it's located), it would probably not attract too many customers in the USA, the UK, or any other English speaking nation for that matter. Someone might want to notify the proprietors that, if I have to eat anyone's dung, it had better be my own! Have a frivolously delightful weekend. :)


Kamsin said...

I have a photo of a restaurant sign which says 'Tung Fat'. Not sure if this describes an item on the menu or what will happen to you after you eat their food!

Joseph said...

Kamsin, at least it doesn't say 'But Fat' right?! It's amazing how language can be so interpretive. :)