Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bring it on Baby!

Yesterday was National Signing Day. For those of you who don't have any inkling as to what happens in the world of high school and college athletics, NSD is the day when all the athletes who have committed to participate in collegiate level sports, sign their letters of intent (LOI), officially committing them to a particular school. My son, Demi, had committed to play his college football at University of South Florida (USF) back in June of 2008. I am so proud of how he went about making the decision, then contacting all the other coaches who had offered him a scholarship, notifying them that he would be going to USF. Many kids commit early just to secure a scholarship, then continue to seek 'better' options elsewhere, so that on NSD they spring a surprise on the school they originally committed to, by reneging on their committment and signing their LOI with another college. We are very blessed to have our son's college education paid for in full, and we are in no doubt about the fact that his college experience will be unique amd memorable. In the inimitable words of some beleaguered hip hop star... bring it on baby!!! I'm attaching a few photos of Demi on NSD.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Demi! That is a great achievment.

I love that he has respect and honor for the other coaches and schools that sought him. It shows great character for him to have called them and told them his decision.

True sign of good parenting and strong morals!! Great Job!!

Joseph said...

Theresa, you give us too much credit. Thanks for your kind affirmation. We are truly grateful for God's favor on our son's life.