Saturday, February 7, 2009

Frivolous Friday! (on Saturday)

You know how they say it's better late than never, right? Well today I'm counting on that maxim as I 'publish' Frivolous Friday on Saturday. I found a few choice road signs that I wanted to share with you so sit back, relax, and prepare for an ab workout from laughing so hard. I admit to being totally confused by this one. Even if you did serve "grilled timber wolf" is that something you'd want to advertise to the general public? Besides, what if I like mine broiled or fried? Personally I think this is a bit exclusionary. BTW, for those of you coming off a fast, I bet you can't wait to sink your teeth into some good-old, healthy, timber wolf meat. From what I hear, it tastes like chicken!!!

I don't want to come off all judgmental and stuff, but I admit to being rather discriminatory about whose blood I drink. What if tonights 'bloody mary' special is the blood of one of the 3 bandits that rode into town last week and got wasted in a gunfight with the sheriff and his deputies? I can't say I'd be thrilled at the idea of drinking his blood. Any way, regardless of how I feel about it, I bet this town is considered a really politically friendly town by vampires! Equal rights for all!! P.S. Don't make the sheriff mad or you might find yourself on the menu for next week's special.

I wonder if these realtors adversely affect the property prices in the neighborhood. Bad enough that we have to worry about foxes (especially with that chicken coop we have out in the backyard), but now I also have to contend with roaches?! I think I'll just stick with Remax or someone like that, thank you very much. Well, don't hurt yourself laughing so hard 'cos I'd really like to see you back here next week. Have a frivoulously funny weekend!