Monday, June 16, 2008

Shining lights

I'm exhausted! My family and I are taking a well deserved break after a rather hectic but fulfilling week of 'criminally' early mornings and 'insanely' late nights, preparing for our weekend outreach. We headed out to the ATL (Atlanta, to the uninitiated) at 6.45am this morning to hang out with my brothers, one of whom will be getting married soon. I really want to give you a report on the amazing success of our Overflow: Sanford event this past Saturday, but I couldn't do the report justice as tired as I am at the moment. So instead of boring you to death trying to string coherent sentences together, I'll simply invite you to come back tomorrow when I will be in a significantly better frame of mind to give you an update. Until then, ponder these statements: You are the light of the world. Let your light shine before all men so that they may give glory to your Father in heaven. Now answer these questions: Is your circle of friends exclusively Christian? If yes, who are you shining your light for?


Hope said...

My circle of friends is made up of all kinds of people. I'm trying to shine at my company. Some days I twinkle other days, I must say, I'm brilliant (or should I say He's brilliant?).

Ash said... guys are in the ATL? How long are you here?

Gapper said...

My Friends ARE mostly Christian-but I'm doing my level best to SHINE for unsaved family.

Joseph said...

Hope, keep letting His brilliance reflect through you.

Ashley, we are live in the ATL until Saturday morning.

Gapper, I join my faith to yours for your unsaved family.

Anonymous said...

I mainly mix with non-Christians these days. Sometimes my light shines pretty well, but other days I get tired and complain about people behind their backs or whatever!
I realised this week I've not been letting my light shine with one of my classes and they've been thinking I'm angry with them (one student was brave enough to email). But the problems is the course content not them, but of course they don't know that and it shouldn't effect how I relate to them! Hope I can win them back before the end of term!

Joseph said...

Kamsin, at least you are hanging around in circles where your light can shine. I would speculate that the majority of us Christians hang around other Christians much of our lives. Keep your light shining.