Monday, June 2, 2008

It's your turn

I know the global One Prayer series doesn't officially start until next Sunday (June 8) but I'm a glutton for good "food" and so we began our series yesterday (June 1). We will have five Sundays of One Prayer messages instead of four, so that we get to hear messages from four different speakers other than myself. Yesterday we watched Craig Groeschel's message titled Lord Make Us One. Now, I could give you a full review of the message but that would destroy it for those who won't begin the series until next week, so we'll hold off on that right now (your thanks is accepted!!!). What I'd like to ask you to do this morning, is what 63 pastors did when we submitted our messages to the One Prayer website so that people around the globe could hear and watch our one prayer for the Church. Would you tell us: If you could pray one prayer for the Church globally, what would your one prayer be?

I really would like to know since I am devoting my time to pray in line with all the expressed prayers in the One Prayer messages. I'd like to add your one prayer to the list that I'll be praying for. Thanks for your response.