Friday, June 20, 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

In keeping with my tradition of 'brainless' Friday, I am posting a couple more roadsigns that make you scratch your head and go, "Hmmmmm!!!" This first sign makes you wonder whether the bridge being out was the reason for the sign in the first place, or if the sign was in fact erected simply to inform us that the sign had sharp edges. I can picture the city council sitting around the table at their annual meeting, agenda laid out in front of each one of the members of this coveted and exclusive committee, and Mayor Marlon, between loud burps and mouthfuls of 'questionable burger meat' saying, "Weeeeell, Ah think we need a sign that teeeells folk about that there broken bridge that's broken, but we gotta warn 'em not to touch the sign as they're liable to get hurt! Any one second that motion?"

This next sign settles once and for all the question why all the college students turned right instead of left! Have a positively brilliant weekend!!! :)


Anonymous said...

That second one actually made me laugh out loud!!

Eric Bryant said...

Very funny! I liked those!

Joseph said...

Kamsin, the scary thing is that these are the names of real towns in the USA. Gulp! I wonder what that says about us.

Eric, thanks for dropping by. I loved your book and in fact will be reading it for the second time in a few weeks. Keep up the great work at Mosaic, we love what you, Erwin and the rest of the guys are doing.