Monday, June 23, 2008

See you at the movies

We have had the most amazing time over the last few weeks as we have listened to great speakers share their One Prayer for the church. One of my personal favorites was Greg Surratt's message titled "Lord Make us Obedient." Sadly, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and this series comes to an end for us this Sunday (we began on June 1 and will conclude the series on June 29).

So what's next you ask? I'm glad you asked because I was planning to tell you anyway. We have found that the summer months are an extremely transient time for churches. Lots of people are traveling, visiting extended family, or generally doing things other than church on Sundays. Many churches have come to accept what has 'affectionately' been dubbed the "summer slump" but we, in our hard-headedness, continue to kick against the status quo and look for creative ways to bring in newcomers during these down months.

Every year since inception (that's only two years actually) we have held a series titled "See you at the movies". In this series, we ask for people to suggest movies that they think hold a subtle moral or spiritual message (not overtly Christian movies). We show clips of the selected movies and then discuss the spiritual message in an open-mike format. These have traditionally been incredibly popular and successful. This year we are adding a new twist: we are providing popcorn and water (we've got to keep it healthy) during service so that you can munch on popcorn while watching the movie clips. This is where you come in. We need you to suggest possible movie titles that we might watch. Tell us what you perceive the moral or spiritual message to be, and whatever you do, make sure it's a movie that's already out on DVD so that we can show it and discuss it. Thanks for your input. If you don't want to leave a message here, then go here.


Thea said...

As a former 24-7 intern (of the "old school" variety) I have to say I could probably find a spiritual parallel or example in any movie...I had lots of practice since each time I watched a movie for 2 years I had to write a paper. :) But I can't think of a good suggestion off the top of my head...I can't wait to see the other suggestions though. Off the top of my head, Mel Gibson's movies always seem to have a distinct parallel - The Patriot is great...Braveheart has been overused as an example I think, I also really like A River Runs Through It - I think the picture of how the brothers take care of eachother even when one of them makes terrible choices is a great picture of the body and how we take care of ...or should take care of one another. Now my brain is going...I'm going to be thinking about it - great topic

Ash said...

The Matrix...the scene where he takes the pill and is "reborn"

V for Vendetta (this movie has been on my brain lately)- when the girl is suffering in prison and must learn to "die" in order to be what she was meant to be.

Most intellectual thrillers have great scences or monologues that can be warped into meaningful or spirtitual ideas

Gapper said...

"Second Hand Lions" Where LOVE trumps all.

Thea said...

ooh - how about Rudy! Thats kind of a gimme but it's a true picture of how God can use someone you wouldn't imagine him using...the most unsuspected person for the job ends up having the most heart and being the best...looove that story

Joseph said...

Keep 'em coming guys!