Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stretching the bow

Have you ever felt as if you're swimming upstream? Have you ever felt as if you're doing everything right and yet going backwards instead of forwards? Well I have good news for you if you've answered these questions in the affirmative. We had a guest speaker in church today, a good friend of mine who pastors a church in San Benito, TX. He preached a really great message and I am in no doubt that, judging by people's responses at the end of the service, it really hit home for many of us.

What struck a cord with me the most was his analogy of a bow being pulled back in preparation for release to strike the target. He likened this to what God often does in the lives of people that He is preparing for great works. In the midst of our greatest pain and struggle, when we feel like we are doing everything that we know God has called us to do and yet making no apparent progress, it is in those moments that He is simply "pulling us back" like the proverbial bow, preparing to release us toward the target that He has appointed for us. My friend further reminded us that the way to the throne is through the giant. David had been anointed king of Israel long before he ever had to face Goliath. This knowlege gave him the reassurance that he could not die in battle against the giant because the promise of God had not yet been fulfilled in his life. His battle against Goliath was a necessary step towards ascending the throne of Israel.

This should bring you great comfort, knowing that God has anointed you for great works and has planted a vision in your heart that is yet to be fulfilled. These "temporary and light afflictions" are merely your preparation for launching. In the process of preparation though, God molds character in you, removing the things that would be a hindrance to your purpose, and placing in you all the things necessary to your success. So take heart. Know that you are not walking this road alone and that the end of the journey holds nothing but great testimonies about God's faithfulness. As you endure being "pulled back" prepare to enjoy the ride as you are released from the bow towards your destiny.