Saturday, July 14, 2007

Reach out and touch someone

Airports are interesting places to people watch. You'd be amazed at how much you can learn about people by just observing them at the airport. We have a really awkward connection going back to Orlando, which includes a really looooong layover at Houston's International Airport. I have been people watching!

We are relational creatures. Everywhere I look, people are on cell phones "reaching out and touching" someone else. Others are fighting a losing battle trying to keep their kids occupied while they wait for their flights (the kids would much rather climb on precarious barriers set up for crowd control in the endless lines). I notice couples talking, kissing, holding hands and doing whatever it is that couples can do (in public). I see grossly overweight people stuffing their faces with fast food and guzzling down massive cups of soda that cost almost $8.00 each. Then there are the "techies" typing away at their keyboards as they attempt to stay in touch with the rest of the world.

It's amazing how relational we are. The only apparently miserable people I've seen are sitting alone (and evidently have no one to call). We need people in our lives that make us feel wanted and loved. We need to feel that our lives matter to others. As I write this, we are seated in this massive, security-conscious building, all waiting to get on a metal tube that will zip us through the sky at over 600 miles an hour, just so that we can get to the people we love and connect with. If we are so relational, such that we cannot do without connecting with each other, I wonder what God must feel like when we neglect spending time with Him, especially since we are made to be relational just like Him. Have you connected with Him today? If not, why don't you take a moment right now and make that happen. You don't even need a phone or a laptop and so there are no expensive roaming charges or server fees. Come on and join in the fun. Even though you might not be at an airport, you can reach out and touch too!