Saturday, July 21, 2007

A good time was had by all

Sadly this is the last instalment of our South Padre Island Chronicles. Today I am posting a pot pourri of photographs for reflection. I am truly grateful for my wife and kids. If I had been given the chance to have hand picked my family, I couldn't have done any better. As I reflect on the week of our vacation, and nostalgically revisit all the pictures we took, I am reminded that there is nothing better than family.

All the money in the world could not have made this vacation any more enjoyable. Playing racquet ball with my son each day, building sandcastles with my daughters, walking on the beach with my wife, chowing down on "cabrito" in Mexico, fishing in the gulf, and all the other incredibly fun things we did, could not have been any more enjoyable. These things were fun because of the people I shared them with. I am one of the wealthiest men in the world! I make that declaration boldly as I recall a conversation I had just this evening with a dear friend. He reminded me that I am blessed and fortunate because I have a wife and kids who love me, as well as friends, a lead team, and a church that values and prays for me. How could anyone be wealthier than that?

I hope you enjoy these last few photos of our South Padre Island vacation. I know I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing them with you. Drop me a line sometime about your vacation.


Hope Clark said...

I love seeing these pictures with your family! It warms my heart so much to see what a wonderful, relaxing time you all had together. God certainly created vacations just for us. :)