Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Does God Drive a Truck?

I've really been enjoying my "new" truck! In fact, a number of people on my Lead Team have taken to calling it "God's Truck." Now I don't know if God is a truck kind of Guy, and I can't say for sure that He would drive a truck if He was here on earth today, but I sure know that He pays for them. At least He did this one.

Following on from yesterdays idea, that we tend to focus on the problem and often miss the solution even though it's staring us right in the face (just as Clarence was with George Bailey), I thought I would take advantage of the recent "miraculous" provision of a truck for me, and encourage someone out there in cyber world who might be needing "refocused vision." In a recent post I had talked about the fact that in the process of downsizing, I decided to get a truck that was fully paid for so that I could keep my overheads as low as possible. This was not my original solution. Originally I wanted to borrow the money to pay for the truck. I had talked to a friend who was in a financial position to make the loan, and he readily agreed to do it. We even explored other options about getting a different truck that he suggested might work out better for us.

Somewhere between the day I spoke to him and the day I was going to receive the money, he had a change of heart. The details are unimportant except to say that our relationship has not been affected in the least by the circumstance. I was, however, crestfallen, and like George Bailey, I questioned God's idea of encouragement and support. The least He could have done would have been to make sure that I got the money for the truck, it's not as if $10,000.00 was a ton of money to my friend. Besides, who more than God knew how badly we needed a truck that could haul our trailer with all our church equipment on Sundays? While I focused on the magnitude of the problem (incidentally only $2,000.00 more than George needed back in 1946), I lost sight of the fact that God was attempting to get my attention by other means. Unknown to me, he had prepared the hearts of three people who would not loan me the money, but give me the money. That had been God's plan all along. I just wasn't listening well enough. He had already decided that I would own a truck free and clear. Meanwhile, I was banging my head against a brick wall trying to put my plans into motion.

I continue to discover in the school of "practical theology," that the true test of faith is being willing to "be still" and know that He is God. Actually, He is God all by Himself, without any assistance or help from us. I know, I know, that's easier said than done. The truth is though, that our faith is nothing if it's not worth being tested. I don't know what your circumstance or need is. It may be substantially more than $10,000.00 or substantially less. Whatever the case may be, God's hand is not short and He can deliver you from this trouble, if you will choose to focus on the solution in prayer and not on the problem. These pictures of my "fully-paid-for-truck" are living proof of this fact! I pray that you will be encouraged during this season of testing and trial that you are navigating, and I am convinced that you will have a great story to tell at the end. Please write and let me know how it works out for you.


Anonymous said...

Joseph I so enjoy your writings . This one in particular interests me because whining about problems drives me crazy. Being a general contractor I have a policy that we do not have problem we have opportunities. Too many people want to dewell on the problem and who caused their problem (because surely it wasn't their fault) instead of moving on to the solution. I am a avid NASCAR fan and watching the race last night this very subject came to light. JR. got hit from behind by some moron and it was a testament to his team as I listened to the radio communications that no one was whining about the "Moron" but stayed focused on what needed to be done to fix JR's car and get it back on the track. The "solution". I pray that people grab ahold of this because once you do, your life will be so much more enriched.

Joseph said...

Thanks for your response "anonyruss". I am inspired to keep writing because of people like you. You are a blessing to me.