Thursday, September 25, 2008

What time is it???

Evidently I'm not the only one going through 'seasons of change'. Our world is evolving and changing daily. Heightened security awareness is marked by color coded levels of danger at our airports. Private jet ownership has never seemed more appealing when you consider the 'harassment' and 'humiliation' you have to contend with when flying commercially (hey, I can dream can't I?). Add to that our recent financial woes in the USA and our beleaguered president's conviction that, without governmental intervention using billions of dollars of tax payer's money as collateral, we are destined for destruction... well, you have the perfect recipe for panic and doomsday-prognostications.

What 'tickles me pink' (babes, no pun intended) is the fact that Christians are the arbiters of much of this doomsday panic. What happened to Paul's eloquent reminder that "To live is Christ, and to die is gain"? When did we stop believing that "Love is the greatest"? Suddenly, to watch our world, it would appear that Muslims, North Korea, and Afghanistan are the enemy instead of a very real devil (when in reality there is only a small band of radical and militant Muslims who believe that it is their sworn assignment from God to rid the earth of America, Israel and anything Judeo-Christian). To watch the Christian, you would think that "running for the hills" and "stockpiling weapons and ammunition" are God's revealed will for our 'survival.'

Enough already!!! How many guns can you stockpile, and even if you could amass a formidable arsenal, how many can you use at one time if you were attacked by a band of marauders who really wanted to kill you and your family and take your stockpile of supplies? While the world is in panic mode, shouldn't the Church be in 'loving mode'? Isn't this the perfect time for us to demonstrate that we believe implicitly what we preach? How many opportunities are we going to turn our noses up at, before we realize that we can reach our world best with a demonstration of God's love, more than we can with any amount of rhetoric. Does living really offer such attractive options as to make dying for the cause of Christ so detestable (asuming that's what we were called to do)? Again, I encourage every Christian to read Left To Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza. It just might help you put a different perspective on life. What time is it? It's time to stop drinking milk and start eating solid foods! It's time to stop being babies and start being mature adults!! We have work to do Church, wake up!!!


Thea said...

No more milk...I am starting my day with a protein shake...and moving in the right direction :)

Joseph said...

There you go Thea! That's the right attitude. :)

ST said...

"what tickles me pink..."? Oh no, you di'n't! Seriously, though, Amen, bro!

Hope Clark said...

I loved this post. "Running to the hills and stockpiling weapons" nails my upbringing. And I completely agree--it doesn't work. In a world full of uncertainly and crumbling walls, it becomes quite obvious that the only thing certain is God. The only thing bigger is God. And the place He put us was right in the midst of a crumbling world that we might... run and hide--WHAT? No! That we might demonstrate Him.

Joseph said...

Hope, that's a sermon right there!!!