Monday, September 8, 2008

Quick hits

I'm people watching again as I sit in Houston's Lobby Airport waiting for my return flight to Orlando. Don't ask, but I made an emergency trip to South Texas yesterday after church and am on the way back home. I thought I was done with traveling for a while, but as it turns out, not only did I have to make this emergency trip to Texas, but I will be making a trip to New England toward the end of the month. I am working on some major things right now and will let you all know about them once the decisions have been made. I watched Notre Dame play on Saturday, and barely eek out a win against San Diego State. What!?! Notre Dame used to be a perennial powerhouse but they have, it would appear, lost their edge. It's a good thing my son's college choice will offer me a new team to support without seeming to shift loyalties from a bad team to a good one. Seriously though, I've been a loyal ND fan for years and they've been bad for quite a few of them now. I'll see you tomorrow after I watch the Broncos pound the Raiders (fingers crossed).


Joey said...

Can't wait to hear what's up! Welcome back!