Thursday, September 18, 2008

Frivolous Friday!

I want you to picture the town council meeting in your mind's eye. They're gathered around the 8' makeshift conference table discussing that one busy street that cuts right through the middle of the one-traffic-light town. The discussion is heated and animated. Some people want the street declared a one-way street so that it is safer for the townsfolk crossing over to the other side. The dissenters argue that this is the only way in and out of the town and so making it a one way street would dissuade people from visiting (not that there's much to visit anyway). Finally, the vote is tallied. the Aye's have it. The street will be made one way. Just one small problem... in the thick of the argument, they forgot to decide which way was one way. Problem solved! We'll just make it one way both ways!! What a great town to live in!!!
I've heard of 'rocks falling' but trees falling??? I guess preparing for the unexpected is a good mantra to adopt as you go through life otherwise the results can be fatal!!! Have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

Gotta love a bit of frivolity of a Friday (although it's actually Saturday now)!!
The first one reminds me of the joke about a motorist being stopped for going the wrong way down a one way street and in his defense says 'But I was only going one way'!
As for the last one, I'm not quite sure what you could do to prepare for a tree falling on your car.

Byron Bledsoe said...

I'm praying for you and The Well for tomorrow. Bring it, Bro! Peace.