Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is anyone out there?

The new movie "I Am Legend" featuring Will Smith looks like a must watch. Since I haven't seen it yet, I can only speculate as to how it ends and as to what the whole premise of the movie actually is. I can however surmise from the trailers that it has to do with a guy who wakes up after a devastation of some kind only to discover that the entire world has perished from some sort of contaminant. He finds himself all alone, trying to survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment. If art imitates life, then this scenario speaks well to the realities of every day living. Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed by the pressures of life's circumstances that seem to constantly assail me. At those times (even though they are few and far between), feeling all alone in the midst of myriad people, I find myself wanting to yell "Is anyone out there?"

In the movie, Will's character appears to rely on his training as a law enforcement officer, as well as a couple of firearms to get him through the unfamiliar and difficult task of surviving. These may turn out to be woefully inadequate for the task at hand (I'll let you know after I've seen the movie). However, I am privy to a few stories of people who have called out in dire straits, needing help, and have been rescued by the most unlikely of things because their complete and total dependence was on God. Rahab the harlots entire lineage was rescued by a rope that she threw down over the city walls to help the Israelite spies. David's lineage was rescued by a sling and a smooth stone from a brook. Samson's lineage was rescued by the jawbone of a donkey. The nation of Israel was rescued by a common staff used to support Moses in his advanced years (he parted the Red Sea with it).

So next time you feel like crying out, "Is anyone out there?" Remember that there is a God who loves you and who provides the most unlikely of "weapons" to rescue you from your circumstances, if you will only choose to trust Him. Whether you're a risk taker like Rahab, a conqueror like David and Samson, or a deliverer like Moses, if you'll learn to trust in Him, He'll deliver you too. So I ask you this morning, who's out there for you?