Friday, November 9, 2007


When I was a kid I imagined that my dad was the strongest man on earth and the best at everything. I remember very vividly kicking around a soccer ball in our vast backyard with my brother one afternoon. The goal was to kick the ball as high into the air as possible. My "superdad" decided to join in the game, and with authority kicked the ball so high that it disappeared into the clouds. No, really it did! Okay, maybe it just looked like it did. Can you understand though, how from the perspective of a six year old that ball looked like it had disappeared among the clouds, especially since it took like two hours to come back down to earth? That "disappearing ball" moment simply confirmed my suspicions about my dads superhuman capabilities.

For some inexplicable reason that moment still lingers in my memory after all these years. I still recall it as a moment when I felt so proud of my dad and his abilities (real or imagined). I trusted my dad implicitly and anything he said was as good as money in the bank. I realize now that the reason for my confidence in him was the apparent authority (real or imagined) with which he did and said everything. Jesus deals with us in much the same way except for the fact that his authority is never imagined. He offers to show us the way and fix the problems. He offers to show us why on earth we are on this earth. Don't we all need to learn this?

We know so much, and yet we know so little. The age of information is the age of confusion: much know-how, hardly any know-why. We need answers. Jesus offers them. Make Jesus your polestar, your point of reference. Set your sights on Him and then take your bearings from the light that He shines into your life and circumstances. What do you believe about Jesus? What's in your wallet... I mean, in your imagination?