Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Doctor Dunkenstein?

I find that the real me is not as cool as I sometimes think I am. I'm not quite as smart, I have to hold my belly in to get that washboard look, and I'm clean shaven because I'm bald and not because it's the fashionable look. Taking stock of reality can be depressing at the best of times (that's why we go to the movies, so we can escape reality for a couple of hours and fantasize about being the hero) but it is truly essential in order for you to make the right decisions.

I discovered that truth the hard way. I tried to dunk a basketball not too long ago while I was messing around with my very athletic son. I'd done it in the past, and I had convinced myself that, with all the weight I've lost and my religious committment to exercising and staying fit, I would repeat the feat. All went well until I slammed the ball against the rim and came down really hard on my side. I hurt for a month! In fact, I hurt now just thinking about it and it happened over a year ago. Having taken stock of that reality, I now enjoy watching others dunk, and live vicariously through them.

Wisdom dictates that I let some things go as I take stock and accept the truth about my limitations. The good news is that the things I have to learn to accept are not always bad. Take God's love for example. God will not let you go. He has handcuffed Himself to you in love. And He owns the only key. You don't need to win His love. You already have it. And since you can't win it, you can't lose it (unlike the ability to dunk a basketball). What things are you discovering about your life that inform the need for change and reevaluation?