Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guest blog: A Tapestry of Beauty from Ashes (Part 2 of 2)

This is the final instalment of my friend, Steve Vickers guest article. Let me know what you think. “Why,” I asked Him, “Why did all this happen?” “That is the wrong question, Son,” He replied. “Do not ask Me why, but rather, what now.” Obediently I asked, “What now?” although everything within me wanted to know why. Why did everything fall apart? Why did friends turn against me? Why did I have to start over? Why? Why? Why? But I realized the “why” would have to be left alone with God. If he chose to tell me, then great, but if not, so be it.

Like a coach, a mentor, the Lord began to walk me through the “what now”. Step by step we started over—the Lord, Denice, and me. As we were beginning that journey, the Lord said, “On the rubble of what you have endeavored to build, I will build a church, my son.” And so He has.

If I could go back in my life and redo or undo things, I would not change what happened in that time. Did I make mistakes? Mistakes—that’s one of the constants in my life; I continually make mistakes. And though I don’t plan to make them or want to make them, I certainly don’t fear them. I’ve truly discovered that God is far greater than my mistakes. My Christianity, my hope and my faith are not held together by the glue of anything I do but by the unbreakable bond of what God did in Christ. So to answer your question—yes, I made mistakes during that time, and I have learned from those mistakes. Yet, I still would not change the path we have walked. I believe God has woven a tapestry that is our life (Denice’s and mine) and that, hopefully, to Him is beautiful. The dark threads have given brilliance to the bright ones. The contrast is what created the beauty. The dark threads have given clarity and definition to the picture.

Your life is a tapestry being woven right now. Perhaps it’s a bright, beautiful thread that’s being put in place now or perhaps a dark, dreary thread. Every life must have both to create the tapestry. Anchor your hope, your trust in God and do not be moved from Him, regardless of the weaving that is being done in your life at the present. Look to Jesus; focus on Him not the threads of your life. Whether victory or suffering is present in your life, never forget that Christ is also present, and He is what matters.

When you stand before God, will it be the victories you’ve won and the successes you’ve gained that truly matter, or will it be the wonderful truth of Christ in your life? Will He be your greatest gain? I think so.