Sunday, October 7, 2007

Guest Blog: How God Made Me (Part 1 of 3)

“That’s just who I am…”
“That’s how I’m wired…”
“That’s just how my mind works…”
“That’s just the way God made me.”

You know, a thought once occurred to me after I’d made one of those comments. Is that how God made me?… or how I choose to be? So I thought for a moment and pondered and dug deep down inside myself… and decided that it was definitely how God made me. Then some time passed and the question rose again. Are “quirks,” or definitive parts of my personality really part of how God made me, or how I have become? Could I be using that comment as an excuse?

My husband and I had a discussion that sparked all of this—and of course we saw it completely differently. Kenneth, along with others, has told me I’m too accommodating… sometimes too soft… I shouldn’t let people “walk all over me.” I said, “Well, accommodating is how God made me. This is who I am!” Kenneth said it’s how I’ve become and choose to be. I have told Kenneth that I think sometimes he’s too quick to judge someone and then discard them. He says quick judgment is part of how God made him…he’s decisive—and that’s good. I say it’s how he’s become and chooses to stay.

So I started to listen and see if anyone else said that about themselves. Shortly after, I overheard a man telling his friend a story that dropped my jaw. He told his friend that he bought his fiancé a boat for their engagement (really more for him than her), and named it “The Ring.” He said—and I quote, “She knows! I’ve been this way for 6 years and I aint’ gonna change…it’s her choice to marry me.” (Wow… now I’m sure it’s the way God made me…I’m way more holy than that guy.)

Some other examples I observed:
· My husband says I worry too much about things and people… But God gave me a heart of compassion for others and it’s good to dwell on and pray about things. He made me that way.
· My wife says I should be more giving to others and not so closed fisted… But God made me the provider for this household and He wants us to be blessed. God made me a go-get-em person so we could have what we need.
· I tend to get angry about things a lot…but it’s always righteous indignation! God was like that—He got angry too. He just gave me an extra portion.
· I tend to take things personally and take offense easily. God just made me sensitive.
· My friends say that I’m loud and obnoxious and talk too much…but God made me that way! He gave me a big mouth so I could use it.

Now what do you think? Both my husband and I justified our own actions, while believing the other’s actions was unjustified. We all know that God has a personality and emotions… we have them because He created them. But what does God really say about my personality or yours? Are the quirks that we are born with really put there by God? What do you think? More to come….


lee woo said...

From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate. See the link below for more info.