Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Guest Blog: How God Made Me (Part 2 of 3)

You know, this subject of personality traits is very sensitive. That’s why my discussion with my husband was so “passionate”. And that’s part of why I suddenly realized that there was probably an issue here.

It’s because this is personal. Personal because we see these things as part of our make up—part of WHO we are. So when you question that thing, when you confront it, it feels like you are attacking ME. You are questioning “Me.” That part of how I was raised…part of how I grew up…part of what I have learned…part of how God has created me.. part of how He’s formed me and allowed me to be—and by allowing, I do mean condoning.

So here’s my challenge to you. Take a personality trait you have been questioned or confronted about and ask this: Is that really how God made me?

Stop there. If you get defensive when approached on this trait, then that may be a good sign that you need to research it with God. Dissect your answer… the structure of that trait may be Godly, but there may be some leeches attached. If you would say “Yes, that’s how God made me”—and you are right, then great for you! But if not, then you are faced with two issues:

1.If you answer, “No, that’s not how God wants me to be” and you have come to a point of realization, then from this moment on if you don’t repent and change, you condemn yourself by continuing in that sin. You have signed your signature on your own rebellion. You have said, “Yep, I know this isn’t exactly how God wants me to act, but I’m gonna anyway.” You are in rebellion and on top of it, you know it.

Here’s a great example: Pride If one more person in the church says to me, “Oh it’s just my pride…” as if that’s an excuse…I think I’ll throw up. Pride is the oldest sin. It got Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit of the garden and it got Satan kicked out of Heaven. It still exists today because its roots are deep. We walk around today and say, “Yes, yes, my pride…Oh God’s working on me there.” We talk about it as if it’s the sin that we’ll never get rid of…because everybody has it. And since everybody has it…let’s not really deal with it yet. Pride is like any other sin, once you are aware of it, if you don’t stop, repent and turn 180 degrees and go the other way, you are in rebellion and responsible before God. Get rid of it! He is sooo quick to forgive and clean us once He sees a repentant heart. His love is so incredibly, indescribably healing.

2. If you would say, “Yes, this is how God made me,” and you’re wrong… Then every day you are prophesying your own refusal to become everything that God wants you to be. You have found the “perfect” excuse to continue in something that is so much less than what God would have you be.

You have believed the lie that you can be nothing better than who or what you are now.
You have, in effect stopped dead in your growth walk with Christ in that area. He will not change you until you are willing to change—and you just said that you didn’t need to!
So ask your self again….really, is your response/action/thought process in this area exactly how God would have you act? If not, then it’s time to change.