Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm really simple-minded!

Yesterday I was watching Nat Geo - one of my favorite channels - and was enthralled by a program that featured scientists making a case for life on other planets. If you’ve paid any attention at all to the constant battle of evolutionary science against creation you’ll know that it’s become the leitmotif of science to deride and minimize the value of the creation story. Their fervid vituperations generally seek to suggest that those of us who believe that the earth was created in a literal or figurative seven days, are simply too simple. So to further illustrate their point, they headed for one of the most inhospitable places on earth, California’s Death Valley, where they were convinced that because of how it allegedly closely simulates Mars (at least from the photos they’ve seen), if they were able to discover life in Death Valley it would lend to the veracity of their claim of life on Mars.

As they examined the subsoil they concluded that microbial and fossil evidence would seem to indicate that life on earth is about four billion years old. Don’t ask me how they came to this conclusion, I only report the news! They went on to make this bold and confident statement: “Unfortunately we don’t know how life began.” They followed this insightful assertion with the statement: Whatever it was that accounts for the beginning of life “This was no Garden of Eden.” These are smart, brilliant, and accomplished scientists! These are men and women that our culture reveres for their amazing insight into the human past and consequently the human future. If you don’t believe me you should watch some of the shows that Nat Geo and Discovery Channel put out about what our future world will look like and what our past world was when dinosaurs had men for lunch.

I for one am grateful to be ‘simple.’ I like the simplicity of not being as smart as these scientists so that I avoid the vagaries of trying to wrap my mind around a truth that is so much larger than me. I like the simplicity of not feeling like I’m obligated to come up with an explanation for why fossils are dated from the rocks in which they’re found while the rocks are themselves dated from the fossils found in them. I like the simplicity of simply accepting God at His word… “In the beginning God created…” You see, in this equation, while the scientists ponder the origins of life, I can simply refer to the words of the One who made life, and settle the issue once and for all. The impudence and arrogance of men in their supposed wisdom was already reckoned by God long before men found themselves in the throes of scientific discovery. Here’s what He had to say about it: “They knew God, but they did not give glory to God or thank him. Their thinking became useless. Their foolish minds were filled with darkness. They said they were wise, but they became fools.” – Romans 1: 21-22. I for one like being simple-minded!


ST said...

Hear, hear!

boged said...

Yes, well, these scientific types are frightfully intimidating with their highly developed vacuous hypothesis, sort of like Richard Dawkins 'initial stroke of luck' that explains the origin of life; most 'scientific' and swallowed hook line and sinker by people who would rather believe anything than believe in the God who creates.

Joseph said...

ST, I couldn't have said it better... oh wait, I did say it. :)

Boged, thanks for joining the conversation. Sadly, captivated by a lie, many will perish.