Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Borg will assimilate!!!

I love the Tour de France! If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you’ll know that. I’ve often blogged about the amazing, sedulous drive of the participants at what is arguably the most grueling sporting event in the world. This year’s tour has been different though. You see, four years ago Lance Armstrong retired at the pinnacle of his career after winning his seventh (yes seventh) Tour de France. This year he decided to return to the world stage of cycling for admirable reasons: He’s promoting his Livestrong foundation which has done immensely well in helping create an awareness of the ravages of cancer as well as provide an avenue for research funding.

Lance’s return has not been without its fair share of controversy and intrigue. Why? Because there’s a new Lance Armstrong on the block. His name just happens to be Alberto Contador (Lances team mate), and he is exactly what Lance was at the peak of his career. But Lance has really wrestled with acquiescing to the fact that he’s not quite the man he used to be. I imagine it must be hard to be Lance. To have controlled the Tour de France the last seven times you rode in it, only to be relegated to obscurity by your own team mate who is now everything you used to be, must present its own unique challenges. But Lance is 38 years old in September while Contador is just 26. So, as much as I admire Lance it’s only fair to say that Contador is the better rider, the new Lance. Contador is currently the race leader and sits more than five minutes ahead of his brave but beleaguered team mate.

Word on the street is that Lance and Contador simply cannot get along and so Lance and Johan Bruyneel (their team manager) will be branching off to form their own cycling team for 2010 which will not include Contador. If Lance wins the Tour next year, he will forever be recorded in the annals of cycling history as the greatest “comeback kid” ever. I mean, the guy will be a couple of months shy of his thirty ninth birthday for crying out loud! But reality suggests that he won’t be wearing the yellow jersey (leader's jersey) next year either, and in my opinion that’s perfectly alright. He had a good run but it’s time to honestly accept the inevitable. The Borg will assimilate! (Just thought I’d throw that in for all you trekkies) A good friend of mine, blogging about the current health care crisis in the USA had this to say:

Change will come, it is inevitable, and whether we like it or not we will sooner or later have to embrace it in order to move on. Embracing it does not mean that we like it; it just means that it is reality.

So the real question is: what change do you need to embrace? What is it that you’ve had a great run at in your life over the past few years but evidence points to the fact that you might need to accept that change is on the way?