Friday, April 10, 2009


I absolutely love pastoring The Well! It is often the most rewarding feeling in the world, to see a life transformed, or to discover that what you do actually makes a significant difference in the direction people take in their lives. At other times it is entirely more challenging than I imagined possible and it seems as if every Monday brings a new opportunity to quit. Yes, you heard me, I said quit! I’ve quit a thousand times, it’s just that I never told anyone.

In speaking to pastors across the country I’ve come to accept that one of the perpetual hazards of ministry is worrying about who turns up on Sundays. As we approach Resurrection Sunday (one of the most well attended services of the year) many of us spend time, money, and energy preparing posters, programs, and passionate messages, all geared towards getting non-church-going people to attend our services. This is all well and good, but I’ve discovered that often times the expectations that are hinged upon the turnout for this single service, are often met with disappointment, and we miss a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people who do turn up.

So to quote Gene Simmons… yes, you heard me, I said Gene Simmons of KISS fame, when asked what they were doing to get people to attend their concerts, declared: “We're not here for the people that aren't here; we're here for the people who are.” So, much as I’d love to see a ‘bumper’ attendance on Sunday, I’m firmly committed to ensuring that our service will be geared toward, and will make a significant impact on the people who do attend. Oh yeah, have a fantastic Easter and an amazing Resurrection Sunday service, and remember that Jesus paid the ultimate price just so He could hang out with you! And if you’re in the neighborhood, do stop by, as we’d love to ‘break bread’ with you. See you next week.


Joey said...

Good word Joseph...

Hope said...

I'm sure your committment was welcomed by many regulars!