Saturday, April 4, 2009

Frivolous Friday! (on Saturday)

Hey guys, I came up with an ingenious idea for Frivolous Friday this weekend. I decided that you should be the ones to caption the photos. I will pick the winning captions (Yes, since it's my blog, I get to decide the winning captions) and post them. The winner will receive a... well I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you. You know the drill right?!


Ash said...

"...unless it's 'death by government'"

"pre-op only please"

lesley said...

In regards to the top picture: As if we really had a say in where we were going to die, we must clearly make sure it is no where near this zone as you are not allowed to die here!!
In regards to the middle one: In case you feel your life isn't hard enough, they have no problem telling you were life can get harder!
In regards to the last one: Apparently over there, men wear dresses this a transgender bathroom?

Joseph said...

Ash and Lesley, thanks for your contributions. Here's how I would caption them.

Dying right here is prohibited: Unless of course you have absolutely no control over it and can't hold off until you get to a more acceptable place.

Hard Times: We realize that there's tremendous competition in the vacation market these days, what with all those cruise liners, Disney... the list is never ending. We decided we'd give you a vacation that you'd never forget. Please follow the sign toward your hard times vacation.

Gentlemen: Oops, I guess our attempt at being gender inclusive backfired in our faces. May be we should have gone with the kilt instead of the kimono.