Friday, January 23, 2009

Frivolous Friday!

Yee ha!!! This weeks installation of Frivolous Friday comes courtesy of my friend from Alabama. While on holiday in Mississippi with his family, he took these holiday candids and wanted me to share them with you. In case you were wondering, he's from the town of 'Redneck' in Southwest-eastern-north, Alabama

This photo above is one of his prize photos, especially because it's a family heirloom (been in the family for, oh, all of two weeks) and only the men are allowed to sit on this family recliner. My friend is extremely family oriented and quite smart! Being so family oriented and all, they wanted to ensure that seniors are well taken care of and so they invented this 'senior-scooter,' which as you can tell, is designed to serve multiple functions.

This was undoubtedly the best part of the vacation (at least that's what my friend said), when they took the houseboat out for a spin on the river behind the family compound. There's cousin Jeb (or is it cousin Sheila, I can't really tell from the color of the beard) sitting on the hammock enjoying a beer.

This is my all time favorite photo, and it even made me want to become part of my friends family. I would have traded in my Harley Davidson any day for one of these. Have yo' sef a good weekend now, ya hear?!


Hope said...

Always with a laugh on Friday! I love it, especially after just having had a root canal! Love that house boat. Gee, I thought I had imagination but I see that mine doesn't begin to compare ... Thanks for sharing these photos. Have a great weekend.

Gapper said...

They shoud've combined the first 2 photos. Afterall, if you drink that much beer, your going to want to use the restroom pretty often! Why not just build a port-o-potty into the recliner? The best of both worlds in 'Redneck'!:D

Joseph said...

Ouch Hope, a root canal huh?! Any hoo, I'm glad my 'friends' photos could take your mind off the pain for a few minutes. Get better quickly! :)

Gapper, that would have meant they would have invented just one thing instead of two, and whether you realize it or not, the numbers matter to people from 'Redneck' AL. :)