Friday, January 9, 2009

Frivolous Friday!

Okay, so what if I'm positively flying down the bike path at, Oh I don't know, say 25mph..., how exactly does the bike cop intend to pull me over. What if he's overweight and can't do more than 19mph? Will he throw stuff at me? Will he ring his bike bell to call in bike-backup? I must admit it would give me bragging rights amongst my friends to say I got a speeding ticket going at 25mph!!! Here's another exciting one. This is a bike path somewhere in upstate Washington. Can you imagine not obeying the bike speed limit and you're flying down the bike path and suddenly a plane ventures across your path. I can just imagine the conversation with friends visiting you in the ER:

Friend: So, what exactly happened that mangled your bike so badly?
You: The plane appeared from nowhere and I just couldn't stop in time.
Friend: Nurse, I think my friend may have hit his head harder than we initially thought!

Buford, Buford, Buford!!! (I just like saying Buford). Who the heck authorized the colossal waste of town council money just to put up a sign telling us that there are two people living in this town? Come to think of it, who's the idiot that approved calling Buford a town? And why on earth would I want to climb to 8000 feet above sea level to find out that two people live in Buford? Fuggedaboutit!!!

Have a brilliant weekend, and don't waste your time trying to find Buford on the map, only two people live there! :)


Anonymous said...

I enjoy every day I visit your blog but I crack up on Fridays. Have a great weekend.

Joseph said...

Now if only I knew who you were I could thank you properly. Thanks anyway! :)