Friday, March 14, 2008

This One's for you! (Yes, I'm talking to you)

David asked the following question in the book of Psalms:

"When all that is good falls apart,
what can good people do?"
The Lord is in His holy temple;
the Lord sits on His throne in heaven.

I have this inexplicable sense that someone out there in cyber world needs the encouragement that David was offering. I'm not sure what the dire circumstances you're facing are, but I do know that God is not overwhelmed by them. While your circumstances may have come as a surprise to you, they were not a surprise to Him. Unlike you and I, God is not threatened nor frightened by our storms. The established order of His purpose has not changed as a result of what we might be going through.

Because He is still in His holy temple, because He still sits on His throne in heaven, He is well able to bring about His perfect will for you. So no matter what you're dealing with today, remember that He is still in control and will cause all things to work for your good if you will only trust Him. I'm saying a prayer for you as I type this. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!


Jessy said...

I read your blog from my Pastor's wife, Angie Bledsoe's blog. What an excellent reminder of how amazing God is in our circumstances.
No matter how big or how small, God is bigger than them all!

Joseph said...

Thanks for joining the conversation Jessy. You're absolutely right, God is bigger than them all and the more we focus on Him, the smaller they become.

Hope said...

Encouragement is definitely, and without a doubt, one of your spiritual gifts. You do it so well. Thanks friend. Have a great weekend.

Joseph said...

You as well my precious friend. Thank you again for your always kind words.

Ms Harkins said...


can you recommend any good contemporary north-american poet? I´ve got to present a poem in class on March 27. I found a nice one from Margaret Atwood, but any additional help is HIGHLY appreciated :-)


Joseph said...

Alison, here are just a few that I know of who are reputed for their poetry. Ai (born Florence Anthony), Tiel Aisha Ansari, and C.K. Williams. I know you wanted to know about contemporary American poets, but I can't help adding Wole Soyinka (the Nigerian Nobel prize winner for literature):)

Ms Harkins said...

Thanks thanks and thanks!!! I´ve also discovered Maya Angelou with "Equality". I will be checking on the names you suggested!