Monday, March 17, 2008

Banal Banter!

Wow! My white twin!! That's what Byron Bledsoe appears to be. We had dinner with Byron and Angie on Friday night. I tell you what... wow! We really connected with them. He and I have so much in common. She, is fit to be tied... she is such a scream. Their honesty, transparency and passion are contagious. Sola and I really like them and feel as if we may finally have found a couple that our hearts truly resonate with, that are doing ministry right alongside of us here in Orlando. We talked about a ton of stuff (wouldn't you love to know) and finally dragged ourselves away from each other about three hours later. Ministry becomes a lot easier and a lot more fun when you do it alongside people who have walked where you have walked and are standing strong and committed to their calling and purpose.

So, Byron and Angie, if you're reading this, the only thing that's left to do is the "cult" deal (so we can really be exactly alike), so if you can start a rumor or something, that would be great. Brows For the rest of you, I'm curious as to what your Easter plans are. If you have nothing really exciting planned, you might want to hop a flight to sunny Orlando and join us for our Easter presentation titled, The Nail. It's going to be a really creative presentation of Jesus' death from the perspective of a Centurion. "What's a Centurion?" you ask. Well I can tell you that it isn't a 100 year old person (century... centurion... get it? Hey, that's why I'm not a comedian) so maybe you'd better book that flight and join us so you can find out.

Alright, I feel better now after all that random rambling. I promise I'll be a lot more articulate and profound tomorrow. After all, it's only Monday and I'm still suffering from weekend-damaged-brain-cells-syndrome (boy it's lovely to be able to invent stuff). Finally, I want to leave you with some advice from a wise old sage (don't ask who): Don't rush to finish everything today that you can spread out over the whole week! See you tomorrow;)


Hope said...

Lifecentre, my home church, does a production called "The Nails" each Easter. It is done from the perspective of the blacksmith who made the nails which were used to nail Christ to the Cross - even though we all know it was His loved that kept Him on there. Imagine if you were the one ...