Sunday, September 30, 2007

Virtual Coffee

It's been an interesting and incredibly busy month. Filled with mixed fortunes and a lot of reflection, I find myself wondering where the year went. It's hard to believe that today is the last day of the third quarter of the year. September, as it turns out, was a month of contemplation as well as a month of expressing gratitude for God's divine provision, protection and favor. I look forward with great anticipation to what the rest of the year holds for my family, my church family and me.

If you're the praying kind, please send up a prayer for my wife as she travels to Lagos, Nigeria tomorrow (October 1st, which happens to be Nigeria's Independence Day) to visit with her mom who is quite ill at the moment. We are praying that God will touch her body and heal her. While you're at it, say a prayer for me as well since I will essentially be a "bachelor" for two weeks while she's away. It's a good thing my kids and I enjoy cooking otherwise we might have considered purchasing a McDonalds Franchise.

The Well is doing incredibly well (no pun intended), and we are planning a paintball outing this Saturday which promises to be loads of fun. Before the weekend gets here though, I have to make it through the week and I'm worn out just thinking about all the things I am carrying over from September into October that I must accomplish over the next week or so. I wish all my responsibilities and obligations ended with each month so that I'd be able to start with a clean slate. I'm so tired right now after a long day of activity that, even though I don't drink coffee, I am thinking of taking up the habit of virtual coffee. Care to join me in a "cuppa?" Have a great night and come back next month as I'm really looking forward to connecting with you about some really exciting things I'm learning.
P.S.: Click on the smiley face image and pour yourself a cup of coffee.