Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sex and Squirrels

Wierd title eh? Well you have to check out the promotional video on the subject by Craig Groeschel. I have mentioned him a number of times (try thousands) on my blog, as one of the most innovative and refreshingly unassuming pastors I have met. His books are simple yet profound, teaching practical lessons in living life well. Craig has a new book out titled Going all the way. It's a book about building a great marriage, sexual intimacy and all the things that sorround that often misunderstood topic.

In Craigs video illustration he talks about a personal encounter with a squirrel that was so close to him he could reach out and touch it. Pet, pet, pet. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Then the squirrel explodes into some sort of ninja action all over his face. He likens this to sexual temptation. It starts out with a pet, pet, pet. Then a stroke, stroke, stroke, and before you know it it explodes in your face and changes everything in and around you. The moral of the story according to Craig is: don't pet the squirrel.

If you haven't read any of Craig's books, I encourage you to get a copy of Confessions of a pastor at the same time you get a copy of Going all the way, as it is sure to give you a clearer perspective into his motivation to write about this subject. He is incredibly transparent in Confessions of a pastor, and it will give you a much clearer context for understanding why he writes on these subjects so effectively. So when you're finished with my blog, skip over to and get a copy of Going all the way. As for me, I am off to Craig's website to pick up my free copy!