Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Heaven is weeping

Today is our only down-time while on the bike trip. In other words, it's the day we get to rest our sore backsides from sitting in the saddle so long. We had planned to tour Key West and visit some of the historical sites, but interestingly enough, today turned out to be down time in more ways than one. I found out that Key West has the lowest amount of rainfall in the state of Florida (something about the land mass being too small to capture major rain clouds forming over it). While Key West boasts 57" of rain a year, much of the rest of the state would have had that much rain by this time of the year already.

It would appear that Key West decided to have all 57" of their allotted annual rainfall while we are here. It began to rain last night. Driving sheets of pelting rain. The kind of rain that turns a three hour bike trip into a five hour bike trip. It hasn't stopped raining yet and it is past 9.00pm. That means it's been raining for more than 24 hours non-stop. It almost makes a liar of the statistic that suggests that Key West has the lowest amount of rainfall in the state.

Then it struck me. Of course it's raining in Key West, Heaven is weeping on our behalf. Heaven knows how devastated we are at the passing away of Ify, and so heaven joins its tears to ours. She must have really made an impression, for heaven to weep for 24 hours straight, in a land that usually experiences very little rain fall. My wife tells me that it rained rather heavily in Orlando too. My tears are also incessant and unceasing. I am comforted though, by the knowledge that a wise man once said, "the darkest time of the night is just before the dawn." It seems to me to be pitch black right now, so dawn must be around the corner.