Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!!

It's Sunday June 17th, and it's Father's Day. It's meant to be the day that dads are celebrated and we get to do no work (unless golfing is considered work). It didn't quite work out like that for me. You see we have to tow the trailer containing all our equipment, to the theater where our church holds services. Since I am one of only two people with a vehicle that can tow the trailer (the other one is my associate pastor, Ron, who lives next door to me, and so it's either his car or mine every Sunday), I was up bright and early and set out for the storage unit where the trailer is parked during the week.

We leave home at 6.45am ( a friend of mine would call this O-dark-thirty am) so that we can get all the equipment set up and tested before service begins at 9.30am. My son, who diligently helps with this every Sunday (those of you who have teenage kids know that it is no mean feat to have them voluntarily get up before the sun does), forgot the keys to the trailer padlocks on the bumper of my car, and so when we drove off, they dropped off! It wasn't until we got to the theater and wanted to unlock the padlocks that we discovered we had no keys. I had to carefully wind my way all the way back to the storage facility and then back to the theater, until thankfully I found the "mangled" keys lying in the middle of the road somewhere.

While we were in service, My car, with the trailer still attached to it, was towed from the parking lot where it had been parked across a couple of (okay ten) parking spots. We had to ask the theater if they would be willing to allow us to store our carts and other equipment in their storage room until we were able to recover the trailer, and they very graciously consented. Meanwhile my wallet containing my ID, bank cards, and other valuables were all conveniently left in my car during service. I'm still looking for the silver lining in this cloud. So, other than that it's been an incredible Father's Day. How about yours!?