Monday, March 5, 2007

I kinda like staying home!

Hey guys,
Meet my absolutely, breathtakingly, beautiful wife, Sola. I heard a guy once explain that he didn't go out much because they had six kids. He explained, in response to peoples question about whether he had figured out what 'causes' kids, that not only did he know what caused them, but that's the reason why he stays home so much, since he and his wife have discovered that they like it too much to give it up, especially since he has a "smoking hot wife." I kinda like staying home too! Oh, before I forget, meet Ron, one of my best buddies, golf teacher and partner, and my lead associate pastor. It's great living life with people that you really like and enjoy hanging out with. I really hope that you have relationships in your life that you can depend on and be completely real with.