Monday, March 5, 2007

Grey Beards

I'm amazed at how much grey there is in my beard. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was getting married, with my whole life stretched out before me (It'll be nineteen years this December). Now I have three kids (one of them taller than me and a year and a half away from being done with High School). Where on earth did the time go? Having said that, I really do love the grey in my beard. It speaks of life lived, lessons learned along the way, and hopefully wisdom gained from the journey. How's your beard? What does it say about you? (If you're female it says you really need to make an appointment with a specialist). Seriously though, remember to enjoy the journey, because all to often we miss it because we are focused on the destination, while the real lessons are learned from the journey. I really liked being twenty-something, absolutely enjoyed being thirty-something, but I'm really loving being forty-something and getting to do what it is I love the most: Introducing people to Jesus at "The Well" so that they may have an encounter with Him that changes their lives and sets them on the course to their destiny. By the way, the grey in my beard makes it easier for me to do what I do since people for some weird reason equate grey beards with wisdom. Oh well, ce la vie eh!