Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Future is Now!!!

The future will be heavily influenced by those who see possibilities and act on them before they become obvious. Did you know that the top ten jobs of 2011 didn't exist in 2004? We're actually preparing the next generation for jobs that don't even exist yet, and to resolve and deal with problems that we don't even know are problems. 20 years ago the internet was a virtually unknown quantity. Today any business worth its salt must not only maintain a presence on the internet, but must actively use social media in their networking. This video speaks volumes more than words so watch it and enjoy.


Ash said...

Well first off, as a person who works with visual creatives, the promo was brilliantly put together and kept me engaged. It's always good to see new ideas to work with. Wink. Secondly, it does speak volumes and really pushes the idea that anything is possible and living a limitless existence is what makes new ideas work and create progression. Thanks for sharing.

Joseph said...

Ash, I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for chiming in!!! :)