Friday, August 31, 2007

Laying Foundations

Years ago (If you've read my chronicles then you already know this) I worked in construction for a design build firm in South Bend, IN. Before I moved into the office doing the actual design work, I did a stint in the field doing the actual hands on construction. I learned a ton that first summer. One of the primary and unforgetable lessons I learned though, was how footings and foundations are actually poured. The painstaking, labor intensive digging that precedes the pouring of the cement mix over the steel rebar, goes ever so slowly. I would always want that part of the process to hurry along as it seemed pointless and boring. Why couldn't we just make a nice rectangular form and pour the concrete slab (the footprint of the building) into the form and, voila! After all, I reasoned, the weight of the slab alone should keep the building firmly anchored to the ground. Or should it? Apparently, I learned, smarter men than me had figured out that the integrity of a building all has something to do with the foundation going deep into the ground so that the building can stand tall and sturdy out of the ground.

Building a building is much like maturing as a person. People have anchor points. Firm rocks sunk deeply in a solid foundation. Our anchors are not casual opinions or negotiable hypotheses, but ironclad undeniables that will keep us firmly planted on our faith when the storms come. And come they will! How strong are your foundations? How sturdy is your life when faced with storms? Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with a dear friend of mine that I hadn't spoken with in almost a month. Now that may not seem strange to you, but for me that is an awfully long time to not communicate with someone whom I spoke with everyday as our church went through its transitional season.

I discovered that the reason my friend had been incommunicado was simply the fact that he was going through hell on earth. I listened sympathetically to his 'horror' stories of the past six weeks, and my heart groaned for the loss and pain that he and his wife have had to endure. I was further burdened by the fact that I was helpless to do anything to help alleviate his pressure, save giving him a few, what seemed to me to be empty platitudes. I wish I had the prescience to guarantee him certain things. I know how much he and his wife have sacrificed to be were they are, doing what they do. While I am helpless and at a loss for what to do, God is not. This fact became abundantly apparent to me as my friend shared the stories of the lessons that he was learning along the way, giving all the credit to God.

It occurred to me that my friend's foundation is solid as a rock (pun intended). His anchors go deep into the soil of God's promises to him, and the winds of circumstance do nothing to destabilize his faith. You, my friend are sturdy as an oak tree whose roots run deep. I am praying for you and your family through this difficult season, and I want you to know that I will be right there in the trenches with you, digging the foundations even deeper, every step of the way. Just as you were a 'glowing angel' for me in my dark seasons, I pray for the honor and privilege of returning the favor in yours. Remember this, "No one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ." Your foundation is solid as the Rock! I love you and your family dearly.


Anonymous said...

So its great to have you writing on a regular basis again . I so enjoy your inspiring words and know that I look forward to them daily . Storms you say! wow! Business is bad and cash flow worse. Then I read your words and it all becomes clear. A week ago I was talking to my pastor and I had had a bad day when I finished speaking to him hearing about his day I decided that I great day. Your writings help to remind me who's driving the bus.The foundation on which I am built is what will get me through the storm.
Thank you!