Sunday, April 29, 2007

Noche de la Luz (Night of the Light)

This was a really cool event we hosted for kids in our community, as a wholesome alternative to Halloween. We called it "Noche de la Luz" (Night of the Light). There was a ton of candy, great music, games and some really great interactive discussions with the kids about what Halloween actually represents, and what a healthy alternative celebration can look like. Even Spider Man dropped in for the evening!


dupe olorunjo said...

Hello Pastor,

I came across you blog now. I was a member of Selah fellowship sometime in the late 80's and it's good to see you waxing strong. Both you and Odeworitshe (hope i spelt his name correctly) laid some good foundation in our lives then. May God keep you on his path and within his purpose always. Amen

Joseph said...


Thanks for your kind words. Selah fellowship seems like such a world away now, and as a matter of fact, I have sadly lost contact with Odeworitse Eyeoyibo, though I understand he is doing well in the UK. I read your book, The Aireginan Dream, (actually read it twice) and fell in love with it. I think the ideas are arguably the only thing that will rescue Nigeria from her political quandry. Great play on words in the title of the book too! I would love to stay in touch with you so please contact me via our website at

James said...

Hi Joseph,
I just read your comments on leading up at You were right on. Thanks for sharing. I subscribed to your blog. I don't have one up and running yet, I'm still learning and reading others. Have you read "The Blogging Church" I just finished it and am motivated. My e-mail is

Joseph said...


I appreciate your kind words. I haven't read "The Blogging Church" yet but it is on my "to do" list. I post articles on my blog once or twice a week, but am looking to make it more frequent.