Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Professional liars inc.

"He lies, he's a professional liar...." These are the words of Al Davis, the octogenarian owner of the Oakland Raiders football team. He was speaking in reference to his recently fired coach, Lane Kiffin. I've been on the receiving end of such scathing accusations, and I know that it is incredibly painful and difficult to comprehend, especially when they come from quarters that you least expect. Lane Kiffin has carried himself with such class through this entire saga. The press has 'hounded' him continuously for a sound-bite, but he has remained steadfast in his resolve not to speak publicly about things that happened in private. Not so Al Davis! He has gone on record as being vocal, verbally abusive, and uncomplimentary about Lane Kiffin's one-and-a-half-year tenure with the Raiders.

Davis even went so far as to put up a slide of a personal letter he purportedly sent to Kiffin. Kiffin simply responded, "Because it's written on paper doesn't make it true." If the truth be told, it isn't too much of a surprise, coming from Davis. He has developed a reputation for being a really 'abusive' owner who is extremely unfair in his dealings with his employees. Fortunately for Kiffin, he doesn't have to say anything to elicit the sympathy of the public, since Al Davis's tirade on national tv ensured public support for Kiffin. What on earth gives Davis the idea that it's acceptable to label a man a "Professional liar" on public tv? Even if you needed to get rid of him, why not do it respectfully? After all, you pull the purse strings, so you're more than capable of drawing the line without resorting to cruel insults. It's my humble opinion that such antics are indicative of a need to vindicate your poor choices by placing the blame squarely on someone elses shoulders.

Lane Kiffin, in choosing not to fight a 'he said, he said' battle publicly, has left room for God to fight on his behalf. It is true after all that the Bible declares, "The battle is not yours but mine says the Lord." So, friends, if you're dealing with a situation in which you are being villified and falsely accused, take heart. God is on your side and He will fight the battle. Last I checked, He's never fought one and lost!